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    Open Studios 2015 is here and with it, the time to officially launch the new website, blog and social media has arrived.

    To coincide with this, I have just had the very exciting news that my application has been accepted to be included in the prestigious, revamped CRAFTS COUNCIL DIRECTORY!

    So please follow the link and have a look:



    Finally, I shall have to start being more active on the Social Media front, which I must say is not my forte!! Artists always have this persistent inner battle of where their precious time should be spent: making or promoting and "sharing". I promiss I will try and do my best to get out there in the virtual world!

    Please connect with me on      and then it would prompt me to respond.

    This has been a very busy year setting up all the above, but also working with some lovely customers, creating special pieces of jewellery that they have commissioned me to make. Have a look at the images on the ABOUT PAGE to get an idea.

    I also took part in some lovely shows and fairs, such as CRAFT in Olympia, DESIRE in Chelsea, Clerkenwell in the heart of the London jewellery district and Byard Art in Cambridge.

    I can also share with you here, that I have just been invited to take part in the Autumn Show of the renowned, in the craft world, New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham.

    This is why I struggle with how much time I spend in front of a mobile device, as opposed to in front of my bench, as it is so exciting having to design and make new work, whether it is commissions or  new collections... I often think that even if a day had double the working hours, it still would not be enough!

    Apart from sharing news, I am also hoping to use this blog to share with you images which would describe the process of making: from the doodle stage to that of the finished piece.

    I hope we all have a happy warm summer!

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