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    Time has caught up with me again and I know I have not written a word for such a long time! Half a year. Lots happens in that time and it has all been good. I hope for you too.

    Select Commissions from 2015

    It has been a busy year for commissions. Thank you to all my customers who ytrusted me to make  jewellery for them which they will cherish and enjoy!





                  Pendant Cross 





    Engagement/Wedding/Children Rings


    Christmas Charms

    This year it is the bird in bronze and silver and for the first time, in 18ct yellow gold. Exciting. Please have a look, they are fun. Also new this year, to celebrate 2015 and 2016, the Dream Catcher bracelet. In many colours, it will be great both in winter and in summer.



    Open Studios

    Weekend 1 of my Christmas Open Studio is already history (I cant believe that).

    Weekend 2 is fast approaching and the Studio will be Open extended hours:

    Friday 11th 12 - 8pm

    Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th 10 am - 6pm

    Its a very busy time for everyone so I am trying to stay open for as long as possible to give everyone a chance to visit. 


    There are a lot of lovely things to chose from and prices start at £10. Pretty amazing for unique, hand made, designs in precious metals. So do pop along for the stress free festive season shopping experience! Christmas lights, music, candles, mulled wine and mince pies will certainly put you in the Christmas mood!

    Thank you to all my customers of 2015 and of course to all who have supported me in all previous years too! Already looking forward to meeting and working with my new 2016 customers!

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Joyful & Peaceful New Year.

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    I am pleased to announce that my application to join the Fairtrade Registered Makers – the ever-growing movement of makers and outlets that support Fairtrade precious metals - has been approved, so I will be slowly phasing jewellery production over to using ONLY Fairtrade Gold and Silver.

    Economic injustice is systemic in the gold trade. With over $210 billion USD of value being generated through gold in 2012, yet artisanal and small-scale miners live on $1-$2 USD per day. Fairtrade offers genuine hope of change.

    from www.fairgold.org

    Globally, roughly 30 million people earn a livelihood mining gold, characterised by high levels of poverty from disadvantaged parts of society with no other option but to turn to ASM (Artisanal and small-scale mining). They often do not receive the full price for their gold – sometimes as little as 70% of the internationally agreed price. Most mining communities lack basic sanitation and access to clean and safe drinking water. They often have poor housing, little or no access to education and healthcare, and are financially unstable.

    Mining laws are usually geared towards large-scale industrial mining and governments tend to give the large-scale industry preferential mining rights. This leaves small-scale miners, who find it hard to access legal mining rights, more vulnerable and pushes them into informal or illegal operations where working conditions are hazardous and health and safety measures are non-existent.

    Fairtrade certified gold comes from artisanal and small-scale mining organisations (ASMOs) that meet the Fairtrade Standard for Gold and Precious Metals. This means the gold has been responsibly mined and that the miners have received a Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium, which assists social, environmental and economic development in the communities

    By creating fully transparent and traceable supply chains, consumers and retailers can have confidence that miners are getting a fairer deal and responsible practices have been used. Consumers can recognise Fairtrade products as their packaging will carry the FAIRTRADE Mark and the jewellery product a stamp (similar to the hallmark). Consumers will recognise products made from ecological gold as it will carry a slightly different label and stamp.

    The Fairtrade Mark ensures that gold has been extracted and processed in a fair and responsible manner.

    Source: www.fairgold.org

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    Open Studios 2015 is here and with it, the time to officially launch the new website, blog and social media has arrived.

    To coincide with this, I have just had the very exciting news that my application has been accepted to be included in the prestigious, revamped CRAFTS COUNCIL DIRECTORY!

    So please follow the link and have a look:



    Finally, I shall have to start being more active on the Social Media front, which I must say is not my forte!! Artists always have this persistent inner battle of where their precious time should be spent: making or promoting and "sharing". I promiss I will try and do my best to get out there in the virtual world!

    Please connect with me on      and then it would prompt me to respond.

    This has been a very busy year setting up all the above, but also working with some lovely customers, creating special pieces of jewellery that they have commissioned me to make. Have a look at the images on the ABOUT PAGE to get an idea.

    I also took part in some lovely shows and fairs, such as CRAFT in Olympia, DESIRE in Chelsea, Clerkenwell in the heart of the London jewellery district and Byard Art in Cambridge.

    I can also share with you here, that I have just been invited to take part in the Autumn Show of the renowned, in the craft world, New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham.

    This is why I struggle with how much time I spend in front of a mobile device, as opposed to in front of my bench, as it is so exciting having to design and make new work, whether it is commissions or  new collections... I often think that even if a day had double the working hours, it still would not be enough!

    Apart from sharing news, I am also hoping to use this blog to share with you images which would describe the process of making: from the doodle stage to that of the finished piece.

    I hope we all have a happy warm summer!

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    Welcome! 10 May 2015 | Comments (0)


    Welcome, welcome, welcome...

    Its all very exciting!

    Suddenly a new website, an e-shop, four new social media accounts....

    If you happen to stumble upon my website, as I am not quite ready yet and actively promotong it, please bear with me. I am hoping to have everything up and running by June, in time for all the publicity I will be doing for Cambridge Open Studios 2015.

    I promiss I will get to grips with my many social media accounts and be more actively engaged with all of my friends, new visitors, supporters and customers. Social Media is a brand new world for me!

    I am equally planning to actively update you with information, thoughts and images through the pages of this blog.

    Please check back again soon or get in touch via email or even ... social media. Looking forward to hearing back!


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