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    The year has come round full circle very quickly and Cambridge Open Studios is almost upon us! With it come the dreams we are all having of sparkly blue waters for our holidays.

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    Finally, there is light at the end of the long cold dark tunnel...

    Summer Time begins this Sunday 26th March and with it the birds started signing early in the morning, the leaves are appearing on the trees and some colours are tentatively trying their luck in the still quite cold sun.

    In celebration out comes my Spring Collection. Stones describe the colours I see and this is why I wanted to photograph these pieces in nature and not some stark white photgraphers studio.

    Let me know what you think? Hope you like it!

    I have also posted on facebook and I am adding here the Summer Collection. Out early because it can be bespoke: YOU can chose the colours you might like on the bangles, bands, earrings, bracelets and pendants! Order early for timely delivery (as they say!).

    Enjoy the light and the sun.

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    Christmas 2016! 26 November 2016 | Comments (0)



    Yeah, its Christmas again!!! Frantically getting ready: making jewellery, finishing off pieces, photography, updating the website, emailing friends and clients inviting them to my private Open Studio. What's the most fun of all, next to making the jewellery itself, is setting up the Open Studios exhibition.

    New pieces for this show and additions to the collection:

    Of course the 2016 New Year Charm, which for this year it is a boat. Using 18ct rose gold for the sea urchin earrings and tyhe diamond bands stack.

    A new fancy diamonds stack of six rings, so sparkly and gorgeous!

    Stay posted for new stock additions and updates.

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    Cambridge Open Studios has arrived and this means that summer is here!

    The first weekend has alread been and gone and it went very well. The weather was great, in the end, and many people, as always, ventured out to come and meet some of the 350 artists that are showing in and around Cambridge.

    I did manage to do quite a few new pieces for the occasion and so I am quite pleased. Of course there could always have been more pieces based on many more new ideas, but they can wait until next time...

    Here are a few images from the show:


    I hope to see many of you during Open Studios, but if you can't make it, I wish you all a very happy, sunny and restful summer :)

    With all best wishes, Rosy

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